Track Your Employee Know What
They Doing

Nowadays Tracking Own Employees Is One Of The Biggest Headaches Of Most Of The Organizations.
As A Solution To This Problem, We Present The "Employee Monitoring System"


Take Control Of
Your Business

EMS is a user-friendly Employee Monitoring System which enables businesses and managers to track employee's day to day activities with the latest technologies. There are two kinds of users, that is manager and employee. Managers can assign work areas with Geofence settings to their employees. Employees need to be in a geo-fence area with a selfie to punch in for attendance

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Industry-Specific Solution

Developed specifically for people like you in the Cargo and learning industry, our Cargo and Logisys application makes implementation and maintenance more affordable.

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Powerful Technology

Our online Cargo Shoftware is designed to handle thousands of concurrent users accessing terabytes of data along with high availability and instant response time.

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Transparency Is Guaranteed

Generation of your daily & weekly reports with all the details of the project & make suggestions if required by our online Cargo software. Each and every step will be explained to you in detail to ensure none of the desired features are left out.