Logisys Cargo Management Software

Our Cargo Management Systems, well known under the Sysart brand, empower you with complete end-to-end control over commercial, operation and revenue accounting processes. They drive cost efficiency throughout your organization. Logisys system are highly interoperable, modular and scalable. They can be adapted to system configurations to suit individual needs and are available on a license or as Software as a Service. The core cargo systems for carriers, GHAs and GSAs are completed by applications for Business Intelligence, ULD Management and optimised load planning for freighter operations.


Cargo Management Systems

Sysart customers benefit in many ways from the connected thinking we provide for the air cargo community. Our innovative products are designed to make companies smarter, more responsive to their customers’ needs and more cost efficient. Our customers enjoy access to technological and functional enhancements that we offer as part of our continuous improvement process

Whether moving cargo in domestic or international markets, transportation has been one the most competitive markets for centuries. The profitability of individual companies depends on efficient operations, extensive relationships in shipper and carrier networks, and industry expertise. The Logisys Cargo System provides user-friendly wizards to generate all import and export shipment transactions for air, ocean and ground, including any documentation that is ready to print or email immediately. From the same interface you can connect and share directly with Customs to file the AWB and Bill of Lading. Just a click can create and print labels, documents and reports. Our Cargo System is fully adaptable for small and large organizations, providing advantages in account relationships and giving you access to advanced logistics technologies but without the enterprise price tag.

Accounting and operations functions are fully integrated including accounts payables, account receiving, Invoicing and banking reconciliations. Obtain any reports and common accounting process to run your business directly from the same interface. Print or email invoices directly to your customers, and set up online payments to get it done faster. We know each business has its particular needs when it comes to reporting, so our software can customize the report look and feel or include the relevant information you need and it lets you print or email them. From regular financial reports, including P&L of any of your operations to automate billing and liquidations

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Industry-Specific Solution

Developed specifically for people like you in the Cargo and learning industry, our Cargo and Logisys application makes implementation and maintenance more affordable.

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Powerful Technology

Our online Cargo Shoftware is designed to handle thousands of concurrent users accessing terabytes of data along with high availability and instant response time.

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Transparency Is Guaranteed

Generation of your daily & weekly reports with all the details of the project & make suggestions if required by our online Cargo software. Each and every step will be explained to you in detail to ensure none of the desired features are left out.