Why Choose Edumac As your
School Management Software

Smart School Management System (SSMS) allows schools to host, administrater, create, deliver, manage, track and report on all of the instruction, training and development activities carried out for students and staff. It helps teachers to monitor student progress, administer homework and assign- ments and generate reports to plan instruction more carefully thereby improving student academic performance. Parents can oversee their child’s academic performance and receive regular communi- cation from the school management about their wards progress.


Stake Holders of Smart School

  • Admin can monitor/manage all Student Details, Fee, Attendance, and Academic, Staff, Payroll and all other information from a single portal

  • Integrate, automate and streamline all academic and administrative functions.

  • Communicate with any or all stakeholders within seconds using automated SMS, e-mail and internal messaging.

  • Convey required information via virtual notice boards.

  • Maintenance of staff attendance.

  • Keep track of exam schedules and marks.

  • Subject-wise marks analysis.

  • Manage and track entire Transport system.

  • Manage and facilitate the library management system

  • Staff can access all the information related to academics and administration from their login at any place.

  • Communicate, share and discuss more easily with pupils and parents.

  • Quick and easy access pupil’s performance data to monitor their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Perfect documentation and storage of assignments, class notes and lesson plans helps the staff in getting more organized.

  • Leave application & status monitoring.

  • Homework updating, monitoring and feedbacks.

  • Interaction with Parents, Students & other staff through messages.

  • The parent can directly log on to the school website and check up-to-date attendance and progress reports of their child.

  • What’s more, this service will be made available 24/7 and can be accessed from any place with a web connection.

  • Parents have complete access to student performance and attendance details.

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Requirement Gathering

Industry-Specific Solution

Developed specifically for people like you in the education and learning industry, our Education and Edumac application makes implementation and maintenance more affordable.

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Powerful Technology

Our online education Shoftware is designed to handle thousands of concurrent users accessing terabytes of data along with high availability and instant response time.

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Transparency Is Guaranteed

Generation of your daily & weekly reports with all the details of the project & make suggestions if required by our online education software. Each and every step will be explained to you in detail to ensure none of the desired features are left out.